Schoolprofile (English)

Our vision is open and inclusive and our main goals are to help students develop into well-educated, responsible individuals who are positively engaged with society at large. We nourish this engagement by broadening their cultural literacy with our classical curriculum, offering agency in their own development and guidance in their learning process.

Founded in 1474, the Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium is one of the oldest and most prestigious grammar schools in the Netherlands. Located in the centre of Utrecht, the school population currently numbers close to 1100 - fifty percent of which hail from surrounding villages and cycle many miles to get here.

With graduation percentage rates regularly in the upper 90s, many of our pupils go on to continue their studies at some of the best universities in the world. We offer courses in a wide range of academic subjects, often tailored to the individual needs, interests and abilities of the pupils. Fast-track opportunities are available in all forms enabling many pupils to compact their studies and thus providing them with the opportunity to do additional subjects or extra-curricular activities, which include:

  • extra courses in foreign languages such as Spanish
  • GLOS, an international-oriented series of modules that provide insights into a number of international issues
  • many student associations, 20 currently, focusing on music, drama, debating, sports, arts, the school paper, etc.
  • membership of the student council
  • various foreign excursions including England, Lyon, Berlin, and GLOS-related trips to destinations further afield
  • participation in national and international competitions; many pupils have received awards for this.