Ever wanted to speak English like a native speaker? Ever wondered why it “rains cats and dogs” and why the “town is painted red”? How someone can be “the apple of your eye”? Or look like “a dog’s breakfast”?

Then Cambridge English is for you! In addition to learning the language, you will also become acquainted with the very best of English Literature, with drama and theatre, with art and culture, and, of course, with the best aspect of all - learning English by speaking English! At the USG, we employ an ‘immersion programme’, which means that from the day you enter the classroom to the day you leave, English is the language that is spoken.

We offer Cambridge at every level, for every pupil, with many going on to attain the highest possible certificate –Cambridge Proficiency. These exams are usually taken by pupils in 5th or 6th form, and are offered by the British Council in collaboration with Cambridge University. Pupils start in first form with Cambridge Preliminary level, move onto First Certificate and Advanced before ending with Proficiency in fifth or sixth form.

We also offer fast-track programmes for pupils who show a particular aptitude for English. This means that pupils can compact six years of English into five (or even four) by being selected for fast-track groups combining two years into one. There is also a regular fast-track opportunity for pupils to skip a year and join the year above. In other words, there is something for everyone! So next time you sit down to watch Game of Thrones or Gossip Girl and can’t understand exactly what they are saying, think about what you’ll learn at the USG and how you’ll be able to switch off those annoying Dutch subtitles and enjoy them like a native.

There are costs associated with taking exams.